All our services are charged at a rate of £12 per hour




Accessing The Community


 If you need help accessing the community we want to support you! Do you find yourself staying indoors because you do not have the confidence to go out on your own? Do you depend on friends and family members to help you get out and about? Our support service for accessing the community is tailored to your needs. Not only will we help you to access where you wish to go we will also find out about your interests and help you to find new things to do in the community you would enjoy. For those in rehabilitation we will help you to build your confidence so you can access the community independently.

Domestic Services


If things at home are becoming a struggle and you need help with cleaning, washing and ironing our domestic service will be able to give you that extra help you need.




 Befriending Service


If befriending is your required service we are interested in you! We want to learn about you, learn from you, listen to you and offer you support when you need it.

 We will come to visit you in your own home as often as you like for however long you need. No one should have to feel lonely. 






If you cancelled that last medical appointment because you lacked the confidence to attend yourself, reschedule that appointment as our advocacy service will support you! We will happily attend any upcoming appointments you have. This also includes assessments and reviews of care.


Dog Walking


If your best friend is in need of a walk and you are unable to or don't have the time we can walk your dog for you.


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